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Sign up for health insurance for 2018.

November 1st marks the start of open enrollment which will end January 12th 2018. You must purchase a plan within these dates or else you’ll being looking at fines. The individual market continues to narrow and prices continue to increase with no end in sight. The only solution… The Small Group Market.
Small business owners have the ability to ditch the narrow individual market for the freedoms of the small group market. To qualify you’ll need at least one other W2 employee. There are many benefits to switching including; more plans, better plans, better pricing, and freedom to choose a different carrier mid-year. You are not stuck with one plan for the year. If you don’t like your plan feel free to cancel to sign up for a different plan with a different carrier.
As a small business owner, you are able to write off your premiums as well as any portion of your employee’s premiums that you pay. You can also set up your employee’s premium payments pretax if you’d like.

New Year’s is around the corner so any plan you currently have will be coming to an end unless you renew. If you’d like to check out the group market to add a few extra freedoms please contact us Today! 719-599-7989