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Anthem has decided to stop paying hospitals for outpatient MRIs and CAT scans. This is something that they are testing in a few other states and debuting in Colorado next month. Apparently, this is supposed to be something that will push people to use other less expensive facilities. Prior to this decision by Anthem, you were able to have a CAT scan or MRI done in the hospital as an outpatient service at a premium price. That was the price you paid for convenience.

Going forward what should you do?

Find a freestanding imaging center for your outpatient scanning needs. This is something we’ve recommended in the past but now you don’t have another option. This change can save you money with these already outrageously priced tests. On average, you were looking at $1500 or more for a hospital MRI.
It is an inconvenience but, going to a freestanding imaging clinic could bring your cost of an MRI down to around $500.

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