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We only have a month left until health insurance open enrollment for individuals begins. As an individual, you are able to purchase a plan November 1st with an effective date of January 1st. You are able to purchase plans until January 12th. You’ll notice that the individual market has narrowed and increased in price yet again (on average 25-30%). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Unless… you have the ability to qualify for small group.
If you are a small business owner I strongly recommend you take a look at the group market. All you need is one other employee to qualify and you both will be able to jump into the small group market.
Some small business owners still think you need to pay 100% of the employee’s premiums. This is wrong. Each carrier has different guidelines for building a small group and none of them require 100% contribution from the employer.

If you’re tired of 25-30% increase year after year with a narrowing market

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