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January 1st Start has passed!

The first deadline of Open Enrollment has passed and you are no longer able to sign up for a plan starting January 1st as an individual. However, this is not the end of open enrollment! You still have time to be covered in 2017. The deadline is January 15th to make the February 1st start date.
Don’t put this off till the last minute! Health coverage for 2017 is required and they have increased the fines for being uninsured. We can help you find a plan that will fit your needs for 2017.
Remember, you must sign up for a plan before the end of open enrollment (January 31st) or you will be uninsured for 2017 and unable to obtain individual health insurance until 2018 unless you have a “special qualifying events.”
To get started, just go to our website and request a quote! Time is running out to obtain coverage for 2017 so call us today to get set up!