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Some quick info on group health insurance plans
Group health insurance plans have proven to be an excellent alternative to the dwindling individual market. Providers have put together plans on the group market that are extremely competitive in price. You can now find better plans at a better price!
The group market offers the freedom of choice between, HMOs, PPOs, and HSAs. The richer the plan the more expensive it is. However, you have the freedom to pick what suits your life style. Enrolling has become much easier as well.
You can sign up for a group plan anytime through out the year as long as you qualify as a group. You need at least 1 unrelated W2 employee. This has given more freedom back to the people allowing summer, fall, winter or spring enrollment.

The individual market is now down to an open enrollment of one and a half months (November 1st – December 15th).
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