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Some major changes were purposed to our healthcare delivery system and they were shot down fairly quickly. So, what does this mean? For people that purchased health care on the exchanges or have healthcare through their employer, everything will continue to be the same for the remainder of the year and the ACA is still in charge. As for 2018, things may be changing.
A few things may come back into the play soon though. There is talk of the ACA adopting a non-enforcement policy towards certain regulations. There is a possibility they will no longer require the IRS to enforce some of the penalties put in place by the ACA.
As of now we still have some big questions to answer.  Health Insurance affordability will remain an issue for almost everyone. Some people qualify for financial assistance on the exchange but many others purchase their plans on the market. As of now, things will continue to be the same in the market but some major ideas have come up that may help build a bipartisan solution.
For now we will wait and see what is to come.
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