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Since the 1980’s we have helped hundreds of small businesses in Colorado find group health insurance plans that are affordable and that offer excellent protection for their employees.

Do You Have Problems Finding and Keeping Good Employees?

Every day we get calls from Colorado Springs business owners that are frustrated by high employee turnover and/or problems finding good employees.

Many of these local business owners wonder if they could find and keep better employees if they could offer health insurance as a benefit.

Small Business Health Insurance in 2018

Did you know?

  • In 2018 group health insurance became competitively priced and can be cheaper than individual health insurance.
  • Businesses that offer health insurance benefits attract more qualified applicants than those who don’t.
  • Employees are apt to accept a lower salary when health insurance is offered.
  • There are tax advantages to providing health insurance to employees.
  • Businesses can usually get better health insurance rates than individual/family health insurance brokers can find.
  • There is a wide variety of flexible health insurance plans available so you can offer choices to your employees.

Benefits of Healthy Employees

Healthy workers with well cared for families are happier and more productive.

Health insurance is the single most-preferred benefit of the Colorado workforce.

Providing health insurance will label your Colorado Springs company as “an employer of choice” when your most desired candidates select choose from their job offers.

Instead of the typical complaining around the office about health care costs or the hassles of ACA, your employees will be singing your praises for removing the burden of health care expenses from their shoulders.

Group Health Insurance is Now Cheaper than Individual Insurance

In 2018 there was a surprising development – group health insurance became competitively priced and can be cheaper than individual health insurance.

As far back as we can remember individual health plans were cheaper than group health insurance plans.

Now in 2018 small businesses that did not offer health insurance through their business in the past are adding it as a benefit to attract and retain talent.

Does My Business Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

All Colorado Springs small businesses with at least two employees can qualify for group health insurance.

In Colorado, we have two classes of group health insurance: small group and large group.  Health insurance carriers underwrite small and large groups differently.

Here are the characteristics of small vs large group health insurance

Small Business Health Insurance

  • Business with 2 to 99 employees
  • Carriers do not ask medical screening questions
  • Medical coverage is guaranteed
  • Rates based on the employee’s age and zip code.

Large Group Health Insurance

  • Business’ with 100+ employees
  • Employees may be asked brief medical screening questions
  • Premiums can be based on expected medical claims
  • Claim history may impact future rates.

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