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Preferred Insurance is an independent, Colorado-based
health insurance brokerage serving individuals and groups.

Group Health Plans

We can show you affordable group health insurance plans that will help your employees stay healthy, happy, and reassured.

• We are able to sort through a multitude of quotes to find those that might meet your group’s needs and budget.

• We deal with all Colorado insurers and we assist the group through the entire change and set up process.

• We also provide daily customer assistance for a wide array of issues.

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Individual Health Plans

If you are looking for an individual plan, we can also help find the plans that best fall into your budget and the plans your doctor accepts.

• Doctor choice is important for small employers and individuals.

• Prior to changing your health plan, we will make sure that the doctors you desire are members of the plan you select.

• We also work to make sure that important prescriptions you may be taking are included in plan formularies.

Insure Yourself

Find More Options

Maybe you’re looking for dental, disability or life quotes.

We offer competitive plans from many different companies.
We will help point out the best features and drawbacks of plans in which you may have an interest.


Compare Rates

Maybe you’re just looking to compare rates to your current plan.

We can supply you with competitive rates and can organize your quotes by price, by insurer and by benefits.

So Why Us?

We have years of experience, 30 years to be exact and our work doesn’t stop after the purchase. We will assist with employee meetings, adding or deleting employees and claim problems with continuous follow up.

We have multiple locations in Colorado and a staff dedicated to customer service. We are easily accessible and have an excellent online database that allows us to educate you on the best policies available.

We are here to show you what is out there and give you the tools to make an educated decision.

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