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Business Owner and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Business insurance is an additional item that we offer our clientele. Our major focuses are Business Owner policies and Worker’s Compensation policies. Both of these categories of insurance are essential protections that business owners need to protect their businesses from the general public and from employees who may have suffered job-related injuries.

Essential Coverage for Self-Employed Owners

Business insurance is essential coverage for the self-employed owner. Self-employed business owners are at risk of lawsuits that may result from injuries or financial losses their clientele may experience in the course of doing business. Business owners without proper insurance coverage put their assets at risk.

 A Business Owner Policy is an ideal coverage to protect you and your operation while it is in the formative stage. If you are operating out of your home or other premises that you own, you need to protect your property from fire or other perils. Business owner policies are generally affordable and offer excellent protection.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policies

If you have employees that earn W-2 wages, Colorado law requires that they have Worker’s Compensation Insurance which protects your employees in the event of injury or death. It also protects employers from lawsuits brought against them by injured employees. There are two main sources of coverage for Worker’s Compensation: Pinnacle Assurance, which is a quasi-public entity that offers coverage to all Colorado businesses. The second option for employers is private insurance coverage from a variety of recognized insurance carriers with a long history of offering private worker’s compensation coverage.

Many of the private carriers specialize in insuring particular categories of businesses and will offer competitive rates for business segments they understand and have developed an experience curve with over the years.

Our goal is to match your business with insurers who identify your industry as one of their preferred business categories. To achieve this end, we have contracted with several different carriers with specific niches of businesses they serve.

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