Group Health Insurance for Small Business Blog

Looking for tips and advice on small business health insurance for employees? Is your small business located in Colorado? The articles below are written to help Colorado Springs and Denver area business owners and HR managers find the best medical coverage for their employees.

Can Narrow Network Group Health Insurance Plans Save Your Business Money?

For many small businesses in Colorado narrow network group health insurance plans offer monthly premium savings and benefit enrichment advantages.  Providing health-insurance benefits is key to employee retention, but rising costs can make this a challenge for small-business owners. Have you been considering offering group health insurance to the employees of your Colorado small business? If so, you probably know that providing your employees health care is difficult because health insurance can be expensive. So what do you do? As a small business health insurance broker in Colorado, we have seen first hand many local business owners save money by [...]

Confused About Group Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses in Colorado? Here’s How a Broker Can Help.

Are you researching group health insurance plans for small businesses as a way to find and keep great employees? Colorado Springs and Denver are competitive employment markets when it comes to top quality employees. Startups and new small businesses in Colorado must put their best foot forward when it comes to attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce. One great benefit you can offer is group health insurance plans. Whether you have just two employees or a staff up to 50 full-timers, small business health plans can provide you with that incentive needed to entice new talent and grow your business. [...]

Colorado Group Health Insurance Broker Explains Why Medical Plans Cost More Every Year

As a long time Colorado Springs small business health insurance broker, I am often asked “why do Colorado group health insurance rates keep increasing?” There are three factors that will contribute to rate increases for health plans. Rates for Group Health Insurance Plans Increase as You Age Health insurance rates are primarily based on age. As you age, your health insurance rates increase. Why is age a driving factor of group health insurance costs? The reason is older Colorado residents use health insurance more than younger folks. As we age, we may find that we have a greater need for [...]