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We get calls every day from Colorado Springs companies asking about health insurance for small business owners. Many are calling because they want to offer health insurance as an employee benefit.

Workplace perks like group health insurance are a great way to attract and keep talented employees. This is especially true if you’re often dealing with high turnover.

Unfortunately, offering perks can mean greater headaches for you.  The management of a group health insurance program requires time and effort.

Fortunately, there is an easier way for you to navigate the maze that is health insurance for small business owners.  The key is to find a local Colorado Springs small business health insurance broker to give you the help you need.

The Best Health Insurance for Small Business Owners Will Give Your Employees the Coverage They Need

The typical Colorado Springs employees are diverse, and each one has unique healthcare needs.
Doesn’t it seem like Colorado Springs has all demographics?  We have millennials just starting in the workforce. Then we have the aging millennials starting families and buying homes. We have lots of  X-Gen’ers with teenagers.  And finally we have a sizable group of baby-boomers working into their sixties, and beyond!

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The key to finding the right health insurance for small business owners is striking a balance that satisfies the basic needs of all your employees.  You need to serve the youngest and healthiest to the oldest and most in need of medical care.

Do you have a health insurance plan in place right now that provides basic medical coverage, but not enough for dental? We see this all the time.  You need to research the various group health plans to find what you need. You need to look at coverage for the specific hospitals, doctors, and services your employees use the most.

For help on getting started, speak with a Colorado Springs group health insurance broker to get ideas about health insurance for small business owners that serve your employees. With that info in hand, you can ask for quotes from multiple providers.

Get Quotes on all the Best Health Insurance Plans for Small Business Owners

The next step in choosing the best group health insurance for small business owners is getting quotes on different products from different providers.

You won’t know what options are available or what they’ll cost unless you start price comparing, and health insurance quotes are how you achieve this.

Here’s the information you’ll need to get your quotes:

  • Number of employees
  • Company name and type
  • Location of your company
  • Employee demographics (age, sex, marital status, etc.)
  • Types of coverage you want (such as essential health, dental, vision, etc.)

We are an independent group health insurance broker, which means we are not tied to one health insurance provider. We can research all the plans available and find the best deal for you.

Evaluate Your Options with a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Group Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

When you have a few quotes for different group health plans, it’s time to narrow down your choices.
The easiest way to do this is to compare the cost of the plans versus the value they provide. For instance, if plan A has low premiums and low deductibles but doesn’t cover the services you need, then it’s not a good fit.

If Plan B provides the services you need, but at an outrageous price, then it can’t be justified. You have to find the happy medium best suited for your business.

Pay particular attention to the services your employees use the most, and compare how different plans stack up versus the premiums, copays, and other fees.

Customer Service Must Be a Priority When Choosing Health Insurance for Your Colorado Springs Business

Although services and cost are arguably the most important considerations when considering health insurance for small business owners, customer service is something you’ll want to consider.

Health insurance claims, eligibility, billing, and other issues can pose major problems for Pikes Peak region business owners and employees.  If your health provider doesn’t have stellar customer service, then your employees may get the run-around when they need to find answers to their questions.

Here’s what makes good customer service for a group health insurance provider:

  • Contact information that’s easy to find
  • Being able to get a live person on the phone in a reasonable amount of time
  • Having questions answered promptly and accurately
  • Quick resolution of claims

Get Professional Advice from a Colorado Springs Group Health Broker, then Get the Ball Rolling!

Once you choose the plan and provider you want to go with, the health insurance broker can help you with implementing the plan to include enrollment, renewals, billing and other problems, and more.

In fact, a good small business health insurance broker can help you during every step of this process.  We can do the research to find health insurance for small business owners that suit your specific needs. Then we can get quotes and help you make the final decision.

If you already have a business health plan and need to switch, a local small business health insurance broker located in Colorado Springs  is best suited to help you with the logistics of that as well.
Good health insurance for small business is integral to the overall well-being of your employees, and it can definitely help with retention rates.

The problem is that there are so many plans, coverage types, and options available.
Colorado Springs business owner just want to find the best health insurance coverage for their employees at the lowest price.