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Colorado Springs small business owners and human resources managers searching for independent group health insurance agents near me often call us wondering how a health insurance agent can help them?

The answer to that, of course, is “it depends.” Finding the right group health insurance involves selecting a that keeps your employees happy and healthy, but also meets an expense level that your company and employees can afford.

This task is more difficult if you’re not a Colorado group health insurance expert, which most business owners and HR managers aren’t. If your hobbies don’t include group health insurance then the next best thing is to call a Colorado Springs health insurance agent.

A good small business health insurance broker in Colorado Springs is kind of like a coach you can rely on for information, advice, guidance, and strategy with all areas of group health insurance coverage for your employees.

But no matter what route you choose, being informed is an essential first step in making the right choice, and that’s the subject of today’s post.

The Health Insurance Agents Mission – Best Bang for the Buck

The first questions asked of health insurance agents is usually around the topic of cost.  This is normal because as we all know health insurance is not cheap.

When cost-effective group health insurance is one of your main priorities, it’s important to realize the different factors that can affect your rates and premiums.

One factor affecting that cost of group health insurance is the age of your employees. Generally, the younger your workforce, the lower the health insurance premiums will be for both you and your employees. If your employees tend toward upper age brackets then your premiums will be higher.

Another factor you don’t have control over that will impact your rates is your company location.  Medical costs are higher in certain regions than in others, and that leads to higher insurance rates.

The variety of available health care providers near your business may affect cost. Larger metropolitan areas have more health care competition, which may encourage lower pricing.

The big health insurance providers have contracts with healthcare institutions (such as doctors’ networks and hospitals).  If the lower cost care providers are in your area you may have to pay higher rates for the medical care near you.

One critical element that plays into the cost of insurance that you can control is the plan itself. High-deductible and high-copay plans will have lower premiums, low-deductible and low-copay plans will have higher premiums.

Cost is a key reason to find a Colorado Springs group health insurance agent to help you understand all the variables.

A Health Insurance Agent Knows the Playing Field

One reason health insurance is so complicated is that there are so many plan types and options available. There are more variables in group health insurance than in the Broncos West Coast Offense playbook.

Learn more:  Types of health insurance in Colorado (opens in new window)

For instance, if you have a young and healthy workforce, then you might only want to look at “slimmer” medical coverage and provide dental, vision, and other complementary services.

If older workers comprise your workforce or people who have health problems, then you’ll want to make sure you provide essential health care coverage to address things like prescriptions, emergencies, lab work, and more.

If you have both younger and older workers then you can offer multiple medical plan choices to meet the needs of both groups.

Talk to a health insurance agent about the demographics and needs of your workforce to get recommendations about the type of coverage best suited for your workforce and budget.

A Group Health Insurance Agent Does the Legwork

There are many benefits to working with health insurance agents, and chief among them is the knowledge and expertise that brokers have for finding tailored group health insurance for businesses.

More than that, however, a broker will be your partner during every step of the insurance process, including shopping and research, quoting and price comparing, consideration, decision, and implementation.

Better yet, the broker’s job doesn’t stop there, and you’ll also get help with enrollments, renewals, claims, billing, eligibility questions, and more. When you find a group health insurance provider in Colorado Springs that you want to work with, tell the broker about your company size, your employees, and your needs to start your guided search for customized health insurance coverage.

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The job of running a business or being the HR manager is complicated enough, but having to find and select the right group health insurance at the right price only makes your job more difficult.

Luckily, with the right knowledge and help from the right broker, your employees will get the medical care they need, without having to put your company in the red.

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