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Are you researching group health insurance plans for small businesses as a way to find and keep great employees? Colorado Springs and Denver are competitive employment markets when it comes to top quality employees. Startups and new small businesses in Colorado must put their best foot forward when it comes to attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce.

One great benefit you can offer is group health insurance plans. Whether you have just two employees or a staff up to 50 full-timers, small business health plans can provide you with that incentive needed to entice new talent and grow your business.

Choosing the right health insurance plan for your company and your employees can be a daunting task. If you’ve done any research at all then you know there are many variations of health insurance plans and options to pick from.

The right health insurance product is one that meets the needs of both your budget and the employee’s desires. A Colorado small business health insurance broker can guide you through the process, provide information about the different group insurance plans for small businesses, help you choose the perfect plan for your current and future employees, and help you make changes as your company’s budget and needs grow and evolve.

Group Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses Can Be Confusing

The world of small business health insurance plans is complex and full of terminology that most people aren’t familiar with, and this can make it difficult to navigate.

The type of insurance that’s right for your business depends on a number of individual factors, such as company size, the needs of your employees, budget, the age of your employees, what additional perks you want to offer, and more.

This means researching and selecting personalized small business health insurance plans for your Colorado company can be nearly impossible without assistance from a local Colorado health insurance expert. A group health insurance broker is an expert in all the health insurance terminology, options, and costs.

For instance, there are a variety of plans that offer different levels of service, such as:

  • Essential health coverage (including prescriptions, lab work, emergencies, and more)
  • Health and dental (essential health insurance plus dental coverage)
  • Health, dental, and vision coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Gap insurance that covers employee deductibles

Choosing Business Health Insurance Plans: The Difference Between Brokers and Agents

When searching for expert help to choose health insurance products, a small business has two main choices: an agent or a broker. While both roles are similar in terms of the products they sell, the main differences are the representation and product variety.

A health insurance agent represents a single insurance company and only sells that company’s products. For example, Humana agents only sell Humana insurance products.

A health insurance broker is independent of a parent company and can sell insurance products from numerous providers. Preferred Insurance is an independent group health insurance broker licensed in Colorado and California.

A health insurance broker will be more impartial than an agent, will have access to a broader range of products, and will have more flexibility when it comes to personalizing options to suit your needs and budget. Although both agents and brokers sell insurance products, many people feel that agents work for the companies, whereas brokers represent the clients (i.e., you).

How a Broker Can Help You Find the Best Small Business Insurance Plans in the Colorado Springs & Denver Metro Areas

The major advantage of working with a local Colorado health insurance broker when choosing group medical insurance for your company is guidance. A broker will explain terminology you don’t understand, lay out your plan options, answer questions, and walk you through the entire process, from shopping to comparing and quoting to implementing and beyond.

In fact, a health insurance broker is more like an insurance life partner, because your broker will always be available to help with things like new enrolments, claims, billing, changing products, renewals, and more.

Another great thing about health insurance brokers is their experts in the field, and that means they have in-depth knowledge about the health insurance plans, laws, and regulations that could impact your company, changes that are coming, and more. Furthermore, health insurance brokers are experts at personalizing plans based on the needs of their clients, so they’ll take into account all the factors to find a perfect solution for your business.

Researching and choosing the right group health insurance plan for your company is important if you want to attract and retain the best talent in Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas. High caliber employees want perks like health benefits when making career decisions.

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Navigating the muddy waters of group health insurance in Colorado can be difficult on your own. The right health insurance broker can provide you with personal service, guide you through the process, and be there to provide ongoing service as your company grows.

Do you want help figuring out what group health insurance plans or options are best for your growing company? If yes, then contact Preferred Insurance today to speak with a licensed Colorado health insurance broker with 30 years of experience and access to dozens of plans and policies.

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