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Want to create a small business wellness plan that motivates your Colorado employees and keeps them healthy? We’ve got you covered. Let’s get to it.

1. Offer Health and Wellness Incentives

We’ve all heard the cliched phrase that sitting is the new smoking.  As a small business owner in Colorado, you hold extraordinary power to influence the health of your company.

Want to get your employees buzzing about health? Consider adding a positive incentive for positive reinforcement.

This strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. For example, perhaps you can offer to subsidize a fixed percentage of gym membership fees. Maybe you can provide monetary bonuses for employees who choose to quit smoking.

Remember that the goal here isn’t to exclude anyone from pursuing wellness. The goal is to acknowledge and celebrate those who make small, positive changes in the right direction.

2. Consider Matching Health Savings Accounts

Depending on the type of group health insurance you offer your employees, providing HSA matches can be a valuable method to boost company morale. Best of all? Your contributions are pre-taxed. 

Steep medical costs can bankrupt even the most cautious planners. Therefore, health savings accounts can be an excellent tool for employees with high-deductible plans. To be eligible, an individual must have a deductible of at least $1350 (or $2700 for a family).

Individuals can contribute $3500 per year into their account, and you can contribute up to $7000 per family account.

3. Host a Weight Loss Challenge

Workplace weight loss challenges have exploded in popularity, and for a good reason.  Health challenges are fun, encourage team morale, and can be highly effective!

Before getting started, you need to set viable parameters. For example, the parameters may include establishing baseline data (height, weight, body fat) and establishing a reasonable end date for the challenge.

In addition, you will also need to create fair ground rules that encourage healthy habits. Finally, don’t forget to choose an enticing reward! You want your employees motivated to win!

4. Offer Healthier Options

While most of us can’t resist the office breakroom box of donuts, you can swap out some of these unhealthier treats for more nutritious ones.

For example, why not stock up on healthy snacks like granola bars, nuts, or fresh fruit and offer them to your employees? Consider hosting a potluck once or twice a month and encourage employees to bring their favorite, healthy dish. 

5. Ask For Employee Ideas for the Small Business Wellness Plan

What would your employees like to have available as part of your small business wellness plan? What sidetracks their health goals? Do they have any visions for what they would like in the workplace?

You should obtain this information regularly. Feel free to ask employees directly or send out a questionnaire.

The most important part? Take the feedback seriously! If you don’t, you will soon find out that Colorado employees won’t be bothered to respond to your future requests.

Final Thoughts On Your Small Business Wellness Plan

A small business wellness plan keeps your Colorado employees happy, healthy, and productive in the workplace. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Are you interested in learning more about providing optimal health insurance and coverage for your employees? Check out these tips for choosing health insurance for small businesses today.

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