What Makes Us Special?

We understand your needs better

In the age of the internet, we all want information quickly. It is quick and sometimes convenient. However, in the world of insurance, where you are buying an intangible product, things are different.

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We use an online database to secure insurance quotes from all group health plans in Colorado. We display the plan designs and rates in a format that is easy to understand. We then compare our rates and plans to your current plan so that you can make an intelligent comparison. If you favor our plans and rates, we change your coverage.

Our work starts after the sale. Unlike most sales, our work starts and continues after the purchase. We will provide day to day customer service. We will assist with employee meetings, adding and deleting employees, claims problems, and follow-up. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

We have a local office staffed with four of the industries finest people and we answer and return calls quickly. We are accessible by e-mail, internet and fax. We believe in quick, accurate and personal customer service. Ask for Carl  Julie, Aaron, or Melissa.

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Meet Your Preferred Insurance Team

Aaron Chavez
Aaron ChavezLicensed Broker
I was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I bounce back and forth between Denver, Colorado Springs and San Diego. I’ve been around insurance since I remember considering my father is Carl. I love meeting new friends (including dogs) and enjoy the great outdoors.
Julie Palmer
Julie PalmerLicensed Broker , a.k.a. Everyone's Mom
I was born In New Jersey and grew up living all over as part of a military family. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I stay put at our Colorado Springs location in order to keep Carl in check. I came to work for Preferred Insurance in September of 2006 after years as an international flight attendant, and a bit of dabbling in the P & C insurance market. I treasure the relationships that I have built with our colorful clients, and I look forward to the new ones yet to come. Come see what we are all about.
Melissa Ford
Melissa FordBroker Assistant Extraordinaire
I was born in Gaylord, MI, and grew up in South Boardman, MI. My family moved to Colorado Springs in 2006 to try something new, and I fell in love with this state. I work at our Colorado Springs location helping Carl and Julie keep their shenanigans in order. I came to work for Preferred Insurance in April of 2013 and my life has never been the same since.
Carl Chavez
Carl ChavezOwner/Broker
My wife and I started Preferred Insurance in 1989. I worked the sales side of the business and she did the service side of the business. Prior to starting Preferred Insurance, I worked as a group marketing representative for Blue Cross Blue shield and I also worked for a hospital PPO plan. The best thing about our business is the people we work for and service. We have been blessed with many wonderful clients