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Bringing Clarity to Medicare Complexity in Colorado Springs with an Independent Medicare Broker

Booking an airplane ticket or hotel room online without using a travel agent is one thing; understanding the complexities of Medicare health insurance coverage without the help of a Colorado Springs independent medicare broker is quite another. Picking the wrong plan, missing essential deadlines, or learning too late that your Medicare coverage doesn’t fit your needs can have consequences far greater than a disappointing vacation. 

Because of this, so many Colorado Springs seniors retain the services of independent Medicare brokers when parsing and selecting coverage options. Whether you need help understanding Medicare basics, determining your supplemental coverage needs, or evaluating prescription drug and Medicare Advantage options, your broker can be your advocate, ally, and advisor. 

Here are seven advantages of working with an independent Medicare broker to keep in mind when you have important healthcare decisions to make. 

1. Independent Medicare Broker Expertise

Even if you’ve dealt with health insurance your whole adult life, Medicare is an entirely different ballgame. If you had a group health insurance plan through an employer, there wasn’t much in the way of choosing to do, nor did you likely face many of the health and financial issues that tend to arise as we get closer to retirement age. 

With Medicare, you have significant decisions to make about the nature and scope of your healthcare coverage. Additionally, the language of Medicare – things like Part A, B, and D, or Medigap – may be entirely foreign to you. An experienced broker lives and breathes Medicare and can demystify the program so you can make informed choices. 

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2. Lots of Options and Objective Analysis

Independent Medicare brokers typically work with several different carriers and are not beholden to any single one of them. That means they can offer you plentiful coverage options. It also means that they can provide you with objective analysis and guidance based on what plan or carrier works best for you, not what suits their best interests.

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3. Health Insurance Broker Services Won’t Cost You Anything

You won’t need to pay an independent health insurance broker a fee of any kind, nor will the cost of your health coverage increase because you used a broker instead of obtaining coverage on your own. The rates your broker will quote you already take into consideration the broker’s commission, so your out-of-pocket costs will be the same. Given that you can take advantage of a health insurance broker’s expertise for free, why wouldn’t you?

4. Independent Medicare Brokers Are Licensed and Qualified

Not just anyone can set up shop and call themselves an independent Medicare broker. Before they can offer a single plan or provide services to Colorado Springs senior citizens, brokers obtain and maintain a professional license. This means the broker must have the knowledge, education, training, and judgment to assist clients with coverage, including hours upon hours of required professional education every year.

5. A Huge Time-Saver

Do you really want to spend your time sifting through hundreds of different plans and thousands of pages of documents? Do you want to go through the frustration of trying to figure out complicated and unfamiliar Medicare terminology or comparing the costs and features of scores of coverage options? If the answer to any of those questions is no, you should be meeting with a broker whose job it is to handle all of those tasks.

6. A One-Stop Shopping Experience

An independent Medicare broker can handle all of your Medicare needs. From selection to enrollment to education and more, a good broker will be there for you when you have questions, need assistance, or experience any problems.

7. Here For You Today and Tomorrow

Selecting and enrolling in coverage is just the start of your Medicare journey. As the years go by, plans may be different, rates may go up significantly, your needs may change, and new concerns may arise. Your broker can help you review your coverage each year to ensure that you have a plan best suited for whatever the future holds.

Preferred Insurance: Trusted and Experienced Colorado Springs Independent Medicare Broker

If you are a Colorado Springs resident who is 65 or over or approaching their 65th birthday, buying Medicare insurance plans can seem confusing. That’s why so many Colorado Springs residents trust Preferred Insurance to help guide them to the Medicare plan that is best for them. 

We are an independent Medicare insurance broker serving the Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas. We simplify the process and provide expert guidance so you understand what you are getting and paying for.

Please contact Preferred Insurance to schedule a free consultation to discuss your Medicare needs.  

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